Covid: China quarantine bus crash kills 27 people and injures 20 others

The bus overturned in the Guizhou province. Credit: AP

A bus reportedly carrying people to Covid-19 quarantine in China has crashed, killing 27 people onboard and injuring 20 others.

The bus overturned on an expressway in Guizhou province, a brief statement from the Sandu county police said, without mentioning any connection to quarantine.

China maintains a strict 'zero-Covid' policy. Credit: AP

While the local police officials did not refer to the dead as Covid patients, Chinese business news outlet Caixin said they were “epidemic-related people” being taken from Guiyang, the provincial capital, to Lido county, which is about 125 miles southeast.

China has maintained a strict “zero-Covid” policy that isolates infected people and close contacts to try to contain the spread of the disease.

Provincial leaders have supposedly called for an examination into pandemic transfer and isolation procedures.