Camper van couple's musical tour cancelled by Covid find new online audience

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Grace and Aaron Bond from Brightlingsea in Essex dropped their day jobs in 2019 to pursue their dream, forming the blues rock duo "When Rivers Meet".

They had spent a year gigging round the UK and Europe from their VW camper van when Covid struck, forcing them to cancel all their bookings. 

It looked like their musical career might be over before it had really started.

Undeterred, the Bonds started live streaming on Facebook from their phone on Saturday nights - and have been amazed by the result.

I think we've had over half a million views from a hundred different countries so it's crazy.

Grace Bond, When Rivers Meet
Grace and Aaron Bond packed in jobs to become a touring music act but gigs were hit by Covid Credit: When Rivers Meet

Grace added: "We brought an album out in November and that's gone better than we could have hoped.  All really through live streaming and reaching this bigger audience."

That audience has included mainstream radio - having a single played on BBC Radio 2 and getting play-listed on Planet Rock.

 Lockdown has been a difficult time for all of us, but for this couple in Essex at least, it has also had a silver lining.