A fresh start for new uni students: but how much will covid still affect campus?

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Thousands of students are returning to universities across the East this week - along with thousands more freshers hoping for an experience not marred by Covid.

While things like testing, mask wearing and even vaccines continue on campus, face to face teaching is resuming and so are lots of other activities that make university life memorable.

Credit: ITV News Anglia
At the University of East Anglia, Ballet Society has resumed face to face- one of many such activities. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Of course universities- like schools- have been hit hard by the pandemic. At the UEA, the number of foreign students has dropped by a quarter this year.

But Monica Epure has travelled from Romania to study nursing at the university.

Monica has travelled from Romania to study in Norfolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I've been a carer, which has really inspired me to go into nursing and of course with the pandemic, it's made it even stronger in myself. I had such respect before and now for people in the front line - and I can't wait to join them." 

The University of Essex is offering a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching. Credit: ITV News Anglia

At the University of Essex in Colchester, they are also excited to welcome their students back.

Some precautions remain in place while also allowing students who may have missed out to make up for lost time.

"I think students are excited to come back but I can understand why it can be daunting at the same time. What is university going to be like? We're organising a fresher's like no other. Events after events - but also sections for people that are a bit anxious."

Samira-Caterina Monteleone, President, Student Union

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