Meet Amy Lea - your new ITV News Border presenter

ITV News Border has unveiled its new presenter - Amy Lea!

She will join co-presenter Ian Payne on-screen from 29th March to present the evening news programme at 6pm on ITV.

Here's an introduction to Amy, how she got to where she is now, and some of her career highlights.

I have been a journalist for over 15 years now - working across the North East and North Yorkshire, as well as short spells in London and the Channel Islands too.At ITV Tyne Tees and Border, I think I have almost done every shift in the office - from producing our morning and late bulletins, to presenting them too! I have written for our website, edited digital content and in recent years I have been spotted in everything from waterproofs to a suit in all weathers and all locations filming, reporting and interviewing people in my role as a reporter.During my time I have reported from the front line in Iraq and Afghanistan covering the conflicts there and met all kinds of people from Prime Ministers to top sports stars and even the big bands of the day - everyone from Tony Blair to Joanna Lumley, to Sir Bobby Robson to One Direction. I've covered flooding,  a pandemic, several general elections, the Brexit referendum and big criminal trials.People let me into their lives at their most vulnerable time, the worst time of their lives, the times they are most proud of and the times they want to celebrate, challenge, change - and there are always those stories that stay with you.I have been so lucky and so privileged, and now it's time to take on a new role and bring to you each night the talent, commitment and work of our incredible team every night - to share in the good times and the bad times - together.

Here are some of my highlights so far:

Manchester Arena Attack

I've got to know June and her family over the last few years. She lost her son Phillip in the Manchester bombing. When I first met her she was too nervous to talk on camera - we just sat on her sofa together chatting and eating biscuits and playing with her spaniel! Since then I have travelled with her to Manchester to revisit the city on the first anniversary of the attack - it was very raw and emotional but it was an honour to be with her at that moment. In the middle of all the loss and sadness she keeps going - she is a resilient and strong lady.

Melanie Hartshorn

Mel and her Mum are such strong women who have had to cope with such adversity in their lives that it has been humbling getting to know them. Mel has a genetic condition called EDS - it's left her unable to sit up for long periods of time because her neck and spine have been unstable. She travelled to Spain to Barcelona for a huge operation that fused her neck and spine. I was lucky enough to travel with her after her op and see how much of a difference it had made. She has had many ups and downs since then and I've followed those with her for ITV Tyne Tees. It's stories of strength like this that you really take home with you and that inspire you in your day to day life.The Bluebird

The story of Bluebird is an incredible one - the wreckage was found and lovingly, painstakingly restored by a small team from North Shields.  A few summers ago Donald Campbell's Bluebird was ready to take to the water once more. I travelled up to the Isle of Bute to witness the moment her engines turned on. It was a moment I will never forget - the sound, the way the power blew the water and the reeds on the bank of the Loch - the anticipation from all those watching on the side. It was incredible. There were tears and cheers as we all watched.Kayaking on the River

As a reporter you get to experience so much - the good and the bad and there is rarely a dull moment.

This was a gloriously sunny day - and really hot too! It was in the middle of heatwave and my cameraman had to change into his shorts to start the filming. I was worried about falling in and getting wet - or setting off in the wrong direction and drifting away from the group! Luckily, none of those things happened - it really was the most wonderful way to see the city of Newcastle and the Gateshead Quayside and get a bit of exercise in.