Lincolnshire children's centres to stay open until new year to provide warm spaces for families

Lincolnshire's children's centres will stay open until New Year, giving families a warm space to enjoy the festive season together as the cost of living continues to bite.

31 of the county's 48 centres will be holding extra free sessions for children to interact with others over the holidays.

At the Bud Robinson Community Centre, the sessions have been a lifeline for many families grappling with the fallout from lockdown alongside a cost of living crisis.

Francesca's daughter, Selena, spent time in ICU with pneumonia. She said it has helped her take the first steps out of the house easier.

"You sort of feel a bit overprotective and don't want to go anywhere and end up a bit stuck in your house, so when I was first invited to this baby massage class it was like 'no you should go somewhere, you should get out."

Many centres across the county usually close down for the Christmas break.

However demand has been higher than ever, prompting community centres to open for those who need it most.

"We cater for the whole family. So we put family activities on for children to enjoy but we do recognise that parents need support as well. We make sure we are here and our practitioners are here to support parents and to make sure that they can seek support and some joy at this time of year."

Feyiseyo, is a new mother and said it has helped her and her new baby during the colder months.

"It''s worth braving the cold. I stopped coming for a while because of the cold but because he's around today I decided to come so then I'm happy I came because this is good it's really nice. I'm happy i came."

The children's centres offer child and family and health services, activities, advice and information and support, as well as support for parents.