Chicken Licken dominates the headlines as 4-year-old Bert reads the news

We think this 4-year-old could be a journalist in the making.

In an adorable video, filmed during a home schooling task, Bert Fekete reads a news story that he had written.

Dressed in a shirt and tie, Bert tells his viewers "Chicken Licken believes the sky is falling and she's off to tell the king" before revealing "later we're going to have an interview with Chickem Licken."

Bert, who attends Mere Green Primary School in Sutton Coldfield, is learning from home during the lockdown.

Bert's dad, Jamie, explains how each week the remote learning tasks are based on a different story.

He says when they were given the news reading activity Bert was "really excited about it" so they decided to "do it properly" and add the ITV News theme tune to the video.

He adds "if we'd known you were going to pick it up we might have had some more gos at it!"

Jamie says he's really proud of Bert and the way he's coped with the changes brought by the pandemic, but he says it's clear that his son misses his friends.

He adds: "The hardest part is the social side of things, it's more fun doing your work if you've got your friends next to you. He's missing being in the school environment."

Bert started reception in September, where he was settling in well and really enjoying school.

Hi parents, like so many across the country, fear that being away from the classroom for too long could result in him losing interest.

But staff at the school say they're working really hard to engage the children who are in school as well as those who aren't.

They say they felt the news story task would "bring learning to life", especially for pupils who are learning from home.

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