Seven people arrested and £10k seized after suspect's pants started ringing

Derbyshire police have arrested seven people - and seized what is thought to be thousands of pounds' worth of drugs and more than £10,000 in cash - after a suspect's pants started ringing.
Derbyshire Road Crime Unit had initially spotted a disqualified motorist who was linked to Class A drug supply driving along the back roads of Staveley Credit: BPM Media

Seven people have been arrested and thousands of pounds of drugs and cash seized - after police say a suspect's pants started ringing.Officers from Derbyshire Police began an operation after a disqualified motorist, linked to Class A drug supply, was spotted driving along the back roads of Staveley.

The suspect allegedly failed to stop for the police and then after driving into a dead end, attempted to run away from officers.

He was caught after being "red-dotted" - the term used when a taser has been partially activated - and was then arrested on suspicion of committing a variety of motoring, drug and weapon offences.Two other people in the car were searched, and police found numerous wraps of what is suspected to be Class A drugs in a woman's knickers.

Another man told police he did not have any mobile phones on him, only for his "pants (to) start ringing", according to a police spokesperson.

Three knives and other suspected drugs were also found by PD Oscar, from the Derbyshire Constabulary Dog Section, who helped with the operation.

Officers then went on to search a number of properties in the area, which led to the multiple arrests on suspicion of committing a variety of connected offences.