Without Sin: Line of Duty actress Vicky McClure gives the inside scoop on her new ITVX drama

Vicky McClure stars in the Nottingham-based drama Credit: PA

Line of Duty actress Vicky McClure's new psychological thriller, Without Sin, will be a "celebration" of Nottingham when it launches on ITVX on 22 December.

The Wollaton-born actress stars and has co-produced the four-part series alongside Johnny Harris, her This is England co-star.

McClure is a long-time advocate for the city and said how important it was for the production to be all about Nottingham.

What is Without Sin about?

The four-part drama, Without Sin, explores the relationship that develops between a grieving mother and the man she believes murdered her daughter.

McClure plays Stella Tomlinson, whose 14-year-old daughter, Maisy, is found dead at their family home with the bloodied, hooded figure of Charles Stone standing over her, played by Johnny Harris.

The drama focuses upon Stella’s life three years on from the death of her daughter and how she still struggles to come to terms with the loss of her only child.

Stella later agrees to visit the prison alongside a Restorative Justice Mediator and come face to face with her daughter’s killer.

The show is produced by Left Bank Pictures, which previously worked on The Crown, and alongside Harris and McClure's production company, Build Your Own Films (BYO).

Why is it so important to you that the series is set in Nottingham?

The Line Of Duty star said: "It's something we've wanted to do for such a long time. Working with Fran and Sian and knowing that we were working with people who were passionate about what we wanted to do, which was working class stories.

"The fact that Frances is from Nottingham, Johnny is kind of from Nottingham now."

Nottingham-born Frances Poletti, who created the series for McClure and Harris, said there were certain local 'Nottingham' things that she wanted to include in the production, a bit like "a bucket list".

These included scenes in Old Market Square, giving a nod to Nottingham's mining community and getting Stella to meet someone 'by the Left Lion'.

She said: "It's such a celebration of the city [...] and we wanted to show that big shows like this can be in Nottingham, it doesn't always have to be London and Manchester."

"A lot of the crew were also from Nottingham," she added. "There was so much good will behind it."

How local was the production of Without Sin?

The panel spoke about the involvement of Confetti (part of Nottingham Trent and Confetti Media group), Metronome (a music and events venue) and making the art and camera departments up of locals.

McClure said: "It was [all about] involving so many people and giving people a job and opportunity, and actually doing it, instead of saying it was just an intention. It was an intention and the action was done."

The production also includes a barista in the show, who they happened to meet after getting a coffee from him each day when filming on set - who they said ended up being a "brilliant actor".

McClure says she was so excited to work with her "best friend" Johnny Harris again - something she's wanted to do for "such a long time".

Harris, 47, appeared in feature film London To Brighton and recently starred in BBC drama The Salisbury Poisonings, about the Novichok attacks.

McClure, 38, played Detective Inspector Kate Fleming in BBC series Line Of Duty and also featured in Shane Meadows’ film This Is England.

This is the first time the pair will be reunited on screen since they starred in 2010 mini-series sequel This Is England ’86.

She said: "We forged a beautiful friendship, that we just knew that that works on set as well, when you just trust someone that much."