Free broadband for kids without access in Jersey

Children without access to the internet will now get it for free in Jersey during the coronavirus pandemic.

The offer will also be extended to young people leaving care.

As schools are shut and children working from home, Digital Jersey and four telecom companies have teamed up to help young people not be left behind.

It is essential for the future of our Island, as well as the individuals themselves, that we ensure all school children are given an equal opportunity to education.

Senator Tracey Vallois, Minister for Education

Broadband providers in Jersey and Guernsey announced last month that islanders would see their broadband speeds increase during the pandemic.

This offer will support young people who otherwise would not have been able to access online lessons and activities.

The Children’s Service will help young people leaving care access this support. Parents should contact their school of Digital Jersey if they believe their children should be give this offer.