Jersey teenager chosen to carry Queen's coffin during funeral procession

A 19-year-old from Jersey was one of the eight guards tasked with carrying the Queen's coffin during her state funeral.

Fletcher Cox was part of a group from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards chosen to act as the Queen's pallbearers, carrying Her Majesty into, and out of, Westminster Abbey.

Fletcher also had the honour of carrying the Queen to and from Westminster Hall where she was lying in state until the funeral this morning (19 September).

The former Grainville student was part of the school's Army Cadet Force, where he was awarded the Lieutenant-Governor's medal in 2018 - the highest honour a Jersey cadet can be given.

Fletcher's regiment was chosen to serve as the coffin bearers during the period of national mourning.

The British Army says the Grenadier Guards' 'very best soldiers' have been chosen for the solemn duty, escorting Her Majesty on her final journey from Buckingham Palace:

"It is the Queen’s Company who oversee the transition from one monarch to the next and undertake the exceptional role of guarding Her Majesty’s body in death too; for they have the honour of watching over her prior to the public lying-in-state.

"Their 12 very best soldiers will have been selected to provide the bearer party at Her Majesty’s funeral."

Fletcher left Jersey at the age of 16 to attend a military training college in the UK.

  • Fletcher had the honour of carrying Her Majesty's coffin into Westminster Abbey during her state funeral.

Laura Therin, a staff sergeant with Jersey's Army Cadet Force, says his former instructors were delighted and proud of everything he's achieved since then:

"We were all quite astounded - seeing him wasn't something any of us were expecting, but we're all so incredibly proud of Fletcher and his achievements.

"I've known Fletcher since he first started with the Cadets. He always was a very organised young man who lived and breathed Cadets.

"He always knew he wanted to go into that line of work - it always was his passion, and it's so great to see that paying off."

Martin Godfray, a former Grenadier Guard who lives in Jersey, said it's a prestigious honour to serve the Royal Family.

"Having the privilege of carrying the very person you swore to defend with your life is a massive honour," he said.

"I would imagine Fletcher would have been very pleased to have been asked, but also terrified - it's such a massive world stage, and one mistake will be seen by millions.

"He'll never forget it. None of the men will."

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