Occupation group calls for crackdown on vandalised historical buildings

The observation position of the German artillery battery at Westmount Gardens was vandalised last year. Credit: The Channel lslands Occupation Society

The Channel Islands Occupation Society is calling on the Parish of St Helier to crack down on graffiti vandals after a number of historical structures were defaced.

The group, which maintains many of Jersey's wartime bunkers, has written to Constable Simon Crowcroft to ask him to take action against vandals who have targeted listed bunkers and buildings.

One vandal, known as 'Nozy' from the tag found next to their graffiti, has been linked to the offences but has not yet been caught.

A JEC cabinet outside the Central Market has also been marked by the 'Nozy' tag. Credit: Channel lslands Occupation Society

'Nozy' has tagged a number of structures, including the observation position of the German artillery battery 'Endrass' below Westmount Court, and two bunkers in St Ouen's Bay.

Writing to the parish, the Channel Islands Occupation Society says: "If 'Nozy' and his fellow 'artists' continue to be allowed a free rein, our streets and historic structures will soon look sad and neglected."

There has been an increase in graffiti in Jersey over the last few years, according to the Parish CEO Andrew Sugden:

"There has been an increase in graffiti in recent years and Parish Officers are already working closely with both the States and Honorary Police on this issue, Whilst they have had some success in recent weeks, it appears that 'Nozy' has not yet been apprehended."

Parish officials are currently working with the police to tackle graffiti that appears around town and further afield.

Constable Crowcroft is appealing to the public to report any graffiti that they come across, using the 'Love Jersey' app to attach and photo and mark the exact location.

The Constable will lead a meeting on how best to deal with the situation at a public meeting tomorrow (11 January).