Wrexham: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney reveal what they spoke about with King Charles

Hollywood A-listers and the owners of Wrexham football club have revealed details of the conversation after meeting with King Charles III and the Queen Consort.

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, who invested $2.5m to purchase the club, said it was a "joy" to meet the pair on Friday.

The royal couple travelled to Wrexham to meet with players, staff and the American owners, who took over the club in late 2020.

They took a tour of the stadium and chatted with players and the owners before heading off to a church service to celebrate Wrexham officially becoming a city.

The King was heard wishing players luck for their upcoming game on Saturday, while Camilla told another player: “It’s an extraordinary story."

Deadpool actor Reynolds and McElhenney, who stars in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, joked they had had etiquette lessons ahead of the visit.

Following the visit, Reynolds said it was "really amazing" to meet with them both.

ITV News spoke with McElhenney about the conversation and he said, "It was about Wrexham. About what we're all trying to do with the club, the community.

"They were so supportive."

He admitted he was expecting the meeting to be a "little bit more formal".

"It was fairly relaxed. They were very sweet and had a lot of questions", he added.

"They knew a lot about Wrexham, the club, the story - it was very clear that they were invested".

The pair seemed pleased with how the meeting went Credit: PA

Charles also told Rob McElhenney he was aware of his show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia because he made a comment about how it was "always sunny in Wrexham".

The actors said they had not watched the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s controversial Netflix show, which aired the day before the visit.

McElhenney said: “I’ve never heard of it.”

After the meeting, McElhenney told ITV News it seemed as if it was "business as usual".

The stars have chronicled their takeover of the club in documentary Welcome to Wrexham, which was being filmed when the King and Camilla visited.