Mysterious monolith appears near Salisbury on New Year's Day

The monolith was spotted by a ITV West Country cameraman when he was walking the family dog near Salisbury.. Credit: Jon Scammell

A mysterious metal monolith has appeared near Salisbury in Wiltshire, the latest in a number that have been springing up all over the world.

The eight feet tall structure was spotted on Laverstock Downs early on New Year's Day by ITV West Country cameraman Jon Scammell as he was walking the family dog, Honey.

Jon Scammell said, "I thought this was amazing. I've heard about the monoliths appearing on Glastonbury Tor, the Isle of Wight and the USA but to have one on the Downs I've always walked my dog on is a nice surprise on New Year's Day".

The monolith is one of the most recent in a series of similar structures that have appeared around the world in mysterious circumstances in the past month or so. There have been similar sightings in Ireland, Belgium, Utah, California and Romania, as well as Dartmoor, Glastonbury Tor and Compton Beach on the Isle of Wight.

What a way to welcome in the New Year - a message on the mysterious monolith on Laverstock Downs. Credit: Jon Scammell

Someone has written a New Year's message on the frost on the Wiltshire sculpture although it is unknown if that was the person or persons who put it there or another visitor. Jon Scammell is certain that it is not of other-worldly origin.

He said, "It looks quite professional and is pretty solidly in place but it is 100% manmade".

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