Bristol surge testing postcodes: Mass testing for new Covid variant rolled out

imperial park surge testing centre
Bristol's Imperial Park is one of the places people can get tested. Credit: ITV News

So-called "surge testing" has arrived in parts of Bristol to track cases of the mutated coronavirus variant.

Bristol City Council made the announcement on Saturday 6 February after it was revealed 11 people tested positive for a mutated form of the Kent variant.

The city's director of public health, Christina Gray, said she does not know exactly how many cases of the new variant there are, but it is now higher than 11.

People living within 24 postcode areas in Bristol and South Gloucestershire will now be able to get tested for the virus even if they are not showing symptoms.

This additional testing will target the areas identified by Bristol City Council as being "in and around" where the variant has been detected. This is the first time health leaders in the city have shown any indication of where the mutated cases were located.

Both Bristol and South Gloucestershire's directors of public health have warned they expect to find more cases of the mutated Kent variant as testing is ramped up.

However, it is hoped the testing will eventually help them drive the numbers down.

Postcodes where surge testing has been launched

Testing will take place over the next two weeks across these specific postcode areas:

  • BS1 3

  • BS2 0

  • BS2 8

  • BS2 9

  • BS3 5

  • BS4 4

  • BS5 6

  • BS5 7

  • BS6 5

  • BS8 2

  • BS9 4

  • BS5 0

  • BS6 6

  • BS14 9

  • BS16 1

  • BS16 2

  • BS16 3

  • BS16 5

  • BS16 6

  • BS16 7

  • BS16 9

  • BS37 8

  • BS8 3 & BS14 0 (only within Bristol City Council boundary)

New test centres

Three mobile testing centres have opened where people can collect and return test kits. They are:

  • Science Park, Driac Crescent, Emersons Green, BS16 7FR

  • Bristol City Council Rapid Testing Centre, 17-18 Wellington Road, BS2 9DA

  • Imperial Retail Park, Hartcliffe Way, BS13 7TJ

How do I get a test if I live in one of these areas?

If you are over-16 and do not have any symptoms of the virus (if you’re ‘asymptomatic’), you can get a test at one of the new mobile test sites.

They are now open seven days a week, 9am to 3pm.

You do not need to book an appointment, although there will be a booking process beginning on Tuesday 9 February.

Home testing kits are also expected to be delivered to homes in specific areas for those who cannot get to a testing site.

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