Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections: Meet the candidates

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The contest for power over police in Wiltshire is unlike any other PCC election in the country.

The mother of an attack victim, a huntsman and an independent backed by a controversial former detective are some of the candidates looking to become Police and Crime Commissioner.

Whoever is successful will be tasked with holding Wiltshire Police to account and setting its budget and priorities.

These are the candidates...

Jonathon Seed - Conservative candidate

Huntsman - Jonathon Seed -says he has a new set of ideas for voters. Credit: ITV News

Huntsman - Jonathon Seed - is looking to take over from Conservative colleague Angus Macpherson who is standing down.

He says he has a new set of ideas for voters.

"I hope that they will see more visible, more effective and more robust policing," he said.

"More police in the community who people will be able to liaise better with."

Councillor Seed's campaign has been targeted by anti-hunt campaigners. It comes as he was the master of a hunt and in 2012 and faced an RSPCA private prosecution under the hunting act - which did not proceed through lack of evidence.

In response to this, he said: "Operational policing is a matter for the chief constable.

"However I will encourage firm policing of illegal hunting, firm policing of illegal hare coursing and firm policing of unlawful interference with legal activity in the countryside."

Liz Webster - Liberal Democrat candidate

Liz Webster says it's important that the position is used to work for the people not just police. Credit: ITV News

Liz Webster is the Lib Democrat farmer who knows what it means to be a victim of crime.

In 2007, her son Henry was beaten in the head with a hammer by a group of boys at his school in Wroughton. 

"I've been a victim of serious crime," she told ITV News.

"I've been through the system from beginning to end and I've got a really good understanding of how that systems works and what can be improved.

Liz with her son going into court.

"And why it's so important that this position is utilised to work for the people rather than just working for the police.

"I want it to be less target driven and more concerned with how people are feeling - so more empathy.

"My son's case happened. That incident I believe was avoidable and it happened because previous incidents weren't acted on."

Mike Rees - Independent candidate

Mike Rees is a former police officer. Credit: ITV News

Mike Rees is a boxing coach and former officer who is fighting for the county's top elected policing role - standing as an independent.

"I've got a good leadership style," he said.

"I think I've got the interaction with the senior officers. I can understand what they are dealing with and the financial constraints that they are having to work under.

"I can also understand what the police officers are dealing with on a daily basis and the staff.

"I've dealt with hundreds and hundreds of victims during my service so I know what a victim expects from their police service.

He's backed by Steve Fulcher - the former detective who broke arrest guidelines to gain a confession from a serial killer. Credit: ITV News

"When I decided to stand I approached Steve and said would you back me on this and sought his guidance on this- he was very much up for it."

Junab Ali- Labour candidate

Junab Ali is the Labour candidate, a Swindon councillor and Police and Crime panel member who accused the Tories of running down policing.

"This government cut 20,000 police officers in our country, and in Wiltshire from nearly 1,300 to under 900, he said."

"So they will not be able to deliver.

"Our family had to move from our previous house where we got burgled because the whole of a family didn't feel safe."

Julian Malins QC - Reform UK candidate

Barrister Julian Malins is standing for Reform UK - a QC wanting to be PPC.

"A vast proportion of the population have a deep sense of unease over the widening chasm of confidence between the police and the public," he stated.

"And also everybody is very anxious about the criminal justice system and I think with my experience and background I can make a contribution to that.

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