Cheltenham crash: Family pay tribute to 'gentle man with so much love inside him'

Dan died after sustaining serious injuries in the crash Credit: Gloucestershire Police/ Family

A man who died after a being hit by a car in Cheltenham "had so much love inside him", his family have said.

Dan Beames died in hospital the day after the collision on Lansdown Road.

In an emotional tribute, the family and friends of the 32-year-old from Bishops Cleeve described him as "charismatic, loyal and passionate".

"He was a proud man, quirky, with the greatest of morals", they said.

"Daniel was the king of practical jokes and puns. Always going out of his way to prank someone for the entertainment of himself and others around him.

Family described the 32-year-old as "charismatic, loyal and passionate" Credit: Gloucestershire Police/ Family

"He was constantly up to mischief, but had the persona, charm and quick-wittedness to get away with anything.

"He didn't live to work. He worked to live. A great storyteller and traveller.

"Dan was radiant. Incomparable. A gentle man with so much love inside of him. Whether one on one, or in a group of people, he was a pleasure to be around.

"What has happened to Dan has sent immense shock and pain throughout his friendship circles and family.

"Dan left this world as the most wonderful partner, step dad, son, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin and friend. He left a print on all who crossed his path.

"Everyone should be more Beamer. Rest easy pal."

The crash happened on Friday (December 17) and involved a Toyota Prius.