Truckfest: Thousands of people attend 'Glastonbury for trucks' in Shepton Mallet

The monster-trucks drew in the biggest crowds.

Around 20,000 people descended on the Bath and West Showground over the weekend for the 40th anniversary of Truckfest - which organisers have described as 'Glastonbury for trucks'.

Spectators could watch aerial stunts from motorcyclists, monster-trucks jumping over cars as well as take a tour of the 1,200 trucks on display.

Leah had travelled down from Bristol and said: "The kids absolutely love trucks - they love cars and monster-trucks. They enjoyed seeing them up close."

Bob Limming, the director of the event, said: "It's the Glastonbury for trucks. If you're interested in road haulage this is for you. Even if you're not interested it's great for all the families. It's a lovely way to end the summer holidays."

Presenting from the main arena was the star of TV series Ice Road Truckers, Todd Dewey, who had flown in from Washington to take part.

Todd said: "What brings me from all the America to be here are all these magnificent, fabulous trucks. This is the 40th anniversary of Truckfest at this showground - this really is the place to be this weekend."

Competitions were also held to judge the best trucks. Taking part was Somerset haulage company RT Keedwell who won three categories.

Dee Keedwell, the owner of the company, said: "We're here to enjoy ourselves with out drivers but we're also here to compete. It's a huge competition."