Clive Lewis: We should've picked a side on Brexit

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Labour's Clive Lewis said his party should have been clearer on Brexit, after an exit poll predicted a major defeat for his party.

Mr Lewis, who is defending his Norwich South constituency, is a strong remainer but Labour pledged to negotiate a new Brexit deal if they got elected.

The Broadcasters' Exit Poll at 10pm on Thursday, 12 December predicted an 86 seat majority for the Conservatives.

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Reacting to that, Mr Lewis said party leader Jeremy Corbyn should have been clearer.

He said: "I genuinely think sometimes in politics you have to pick a side and fight for it.

"On the biggest issue in British politics since the Second World War, we have spent two years triangulating.

"You’ve kind of squandered it and I think that ultimately that is one of the key issues here."

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Mr Lewis said he'd wait to comment on Mr Corbyn's future as Labour leader until all the results were in, but there is already speculation he could resign.