'Sometimes the homeless community are forgotten' - Leicester charity organises Jubilee Party

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The Help the Homeless charity in Leicester has organised a party for homeless people, or anyone feeling isolated or left out during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Speaking to ITV News Central, the Founder of Help the Homeless, Arif Voraji said: "Sometimes the homeless community are forgotten when it comes to things like this, they don't have street parties to go to, so for them it's an opportunity to relax or put their feet up for a little while."

The free party includes decorations and a full buffet for those in the city centre.

Since Help the Homeless became a charity in 2018 they've helped:

'I think today's event is a situation where people can come together, no matter where you are from or what your background is, or what language you speak, there's food for different religions, people can get along and have a chat.' - Sam Moore, service user

One service user, Sam Moore, heard about Help the Homeless while he was in prison.  When he came out he had nowhere to live, so they helped him find accommodation - which he's still in.

He's now volunteering at the party.

Sam added he hopes the event will "build bridges, make connections" and help each other out.

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