Jersey's Infrastructure Minister visits hospitals in Northern Ireland

Deputy Tom Binet has been touring the Altnagelvin Area Hospital in Londonderry on Tuesday 6 September. Credit: PA Images

Officials from Jersey are spending the next three days looking at hospitals in Northern Ireland as they search for cheaper alternatives to a new one in Jersey.

Their visit comes less than a week after ITV News exclusively revealed the government would be ditching plans for a new £804 million hospital at Overdale in St Helier.

On the trip is Jersey's new Infrastructure Minister, Deputy Tom Binet, who branded the Overdale plans 'too big and too expensive'.

It is still unclear why his team have gone to Northern Ireland of all places - Deputy Binet told ITV News on Monday (5 September) that "all would be made clear in a day or two".

So far, his team have visited Altnagelvin Hospital in Londonderry, which has recently had a new wing built onto an existing site - similar to one of the options on the table in Jersey.

Speculation over the revival of a two-site option has been fuelled in recent days by the government suspending the building of new flats on Kensington Place - adjacent to the existing hospital.

A review of the current plans is expected to be presented to the States Assembly on Thursday 20 October.