Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds calls Ellesmere Port Indian restaurant 'best' in Europe

Video report by ITV Granada Reports journalist Zoe Muldoon

The family behind a restaurant in Cheshire branded the "best Indian food in Europe" by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds say they are "gobsmacked" by the acclaim.

The star, who co-owns football club Wrexham AFC alongside fellow actor Rob McElhenney, left a glowing review on Instagram for the Light of India Balti House in Ellesmere Port.

Since then, the restaurant's phone has been ringing off the hook and orders have been through the roof.

Shah Rahaman helps run his family's restaurant in Ellesmere Port. Credit: ITV News

Shaa Rahaman, who helps run the restaurant with his parents, said he "couldn't believe it" when he saw the post on the actor's Instagram, declaring the Light of India's food the "best in Europe", to his 44 million followers.

Shah said: "It's been crazy, we've had so many bookings since the post.

"Our restaurant has been packed. It's absolutely incredible."

Reynolds shared the restaurant's flyer on his 44 million follower strong Instagram story. Credit: Cheshire Live

Ryan Reynolds had been 20 miles away in Wrexham, ahead of a new documentary charting his first season in charge of the football club.

And it seems the Deadpool star had worked up an appetite, after his team beat Maidstone United 5-0 on Saturday 20 August.

The Rahaman family do not know whether the actor came into the restaurant or ordered a takeaway.

Shah said: "I think the conclusion is that he, or somebody from his team, ordered a takeaway.

"I think one of the customers would have spotted him if he had come into the restaurant!"

Abdur 'Manic" Rahaman Baten initially did not have a clue who Ryan Reynolds was. Credit: ITV News

Abdur Rahaman Beton, who has run the Light of India for more than 40 years, said he did not have a clue who Reynolds was.

Abdur said: "My son phoned me and asked me if Ryan Reynolds had been in the restaurant.

"I said - 'who's Ryan Reynolds?'

"It wasn't until I looked him up and realised that he was a movie star that I understood!"

There is now an invitation for Ryan Reynolds to come back for seconds - with the owner saying there might even be a new dish on the menu dedicated to the star.

Shah said: "I might dedicate a new dish to Ryan.

"Maybe the Deadpool Masala!"

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