Firefighters across Hampshire tackle six heath fires in one day

Fire crews were called to a large blaze at Hawley Lake Credit: Rushmoor fire station

Dozens of firefighters across Hampshire have tackled six heath fires in just one day.

One of the fires at Hawley Lake in Blackwater broke out at around 5.45pm on Tuesday afternoon (19 April).

Army personnel carried out hourly patrols overnight to monitor the Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Crews will return on Wednesday morning to re-inspect the area.

At its height, more than 35 crews from stations including Rushmoor, Fleet and Bordon were sent to the scene, alongside police and a team from Natural England.

Among the other fires that broke out in one day was a blaze involving gorse on Yateley Common, London Road.

It comes after a further four fires within the Farnborough and Yateley area the same afternoon.

Members of the public were asked to avoid the area to allow crews to put out the fire.

Crews will return to re-inspect the site of the fire at Hawley Lake in Blackwater Credit: Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service

SM Pete Knight said: "We have been called to several fires in the open today within the local area. Control staff, and crews from Rushmoor and across the county have worked tirelessly throughout the day to manage calls and extinguish the fires to protect the public, wildlife and the surrounding land."

"Crews tackling the fire at Yateley Heath could see the smoke from the Hawley Lake fire from a distance."

"Crews at the Hawley Lake fire battled challenging conditions to bring the fire under control, and we appreciate their hard work."

"Please do take care whilst you continue to enjoy the countryside, please remember follow the countryside code and be considerate of others."