People spotted tombstoning off Plymouth statue despite warnings

Two young people jumping off Plymouth's LOOK II statue into sea.
The LOOK II statue was unveiled last year and is situated on the West Pier at West Hoe, Plymouth. Credit: BPM Media / Plymouth Live

People have been spotted tombstoning off a waterfront statue in Plymouth.

A number of young people were photographed jumping into the water from Sir Antony Gormley's LOOK II statue.

Plymouth City Council recently installed signs near the statue which warn of "danger of death".

The council also installed CCTV, as some members of the public were concerned the statue would be used as a diving platform.

In 2020, the statue was installed as part of the Mayflower 400 celebrations and to mark the opening of The Box museum. Credit: PA Images

The statue is made of cast-iron blocks, weighing nearly three tonnes, and is situated on the West Pier at West Hoe.

During the planning process, officials raised safety concerns about its location. Safety measured were then included as part of the conditions on the planning consent.

The statue has been described by Plymouth City Council as a "world class" artwork and a major cultural attraction.

The statue was installed in 2020.

However, some people have described LOOK II as a "monstrosity" and "out of place".

Sir Anthony hopes it will invoke a yearning to travel the world, like the passengers who left Plymouth for North America on the Mayflower 400 years ago.

In February 2021, Plymouth City Council revealed the statue cost £764,038. Previously, the council had refused to reveal the amount, citing commercial confidentiality.

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