BMW gets stuck in sand on popular beach in Cornwall where cars are banned

Beachgoers dig their car out of the sand in Cornwall. BPM Media/ Josh Munyard
Beachgoers dig their car out of the sand in Cornwall using their bare hands Credit: BPM Media/Josh Munyard

Beachgoers were forced to shovel sand with their bare hands after their car got stuck on a beach in Cornwall.

Members of the public also got stuck in to help free the BMW which had been driven onto the sandy beach where no traffic is allowed.

The vehicle was eventually freed following the incident in Perranporth on Saturday evening (July 16).

The driver had seemingly failed to spot signs that prohibit all traffic from accessing the beach unless for deliveries, or for 4x4 RNLI lifeguard vehicles and organised beach cleans.

In the past even authorised 4x4 vehicles have been known to struggle in the soft sand at the famous surfing and holiday hotspot.

Onlooker Josh Munyard spotted two members of the group attempting to free their BMW by shovelling the sand around the rear wheels of the car by hand.

Mr Munwayrd recalled: "The chap went forward and got stuck. He then tried to dig himself out and just failed for a few times.

"He managed to dig his car out eventually and got pushed out by a group of about eight people."

A social media user who was also at the beach added: "They drove up in front of me at about 6.30pm, when I went to pack down, at some speed and I knew they would be stuck.

“They came to an abrupt halt that's for sure. It happens all the time. Pretty much daily this time of year."

Pictures of the incident were posted on social media where it was met with an unsympathetic response from locals.

One wrote: "Why? It clearly says, no beach access for vehicles!"

Another added: "Some people think those signs don’t apply to them."