Syrian families put on Falmouth bake sale to fundraise for Turkey and Syria earthquake support

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People came together in Falmouth to raise funds for the earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria.

Falmouth and Penryn Welcomes Refugees organised the event and a number of Syrian families - who now live in Cornwall - helped with the bake sale on Saturday (February 18).

Members of the Syrian families baked the goods on offer as many have friends and loved ones still based in Syria and Turkey who have lost their lives or been displaced by the disaster.

Syrian delicacies like baklava, falafel and stuffed vine leaves were all on offer Credit: ITV West Country News

The catastrophic earthquakes have killed over 46,000 people in Turkey and Syria and displaced millions.

Maher Alkhatev, who now lives in Truro, has lost friends from Syria who were living in Turkey in the earthquakes.

He felt it was important to do something and said: "We joined five or six Syrian families in Cornwall, we cooked some food, desserts, sweets to try to raise money to help the people of Turkey and Syria.

"I know it’s a little thing but we’re just trying to do something".

Jude Munden, from Falmouth and Penryn Welcome Refugees, said the bake sale sold out in just a few hours.

She said: "It’s been fantastic - the food offerings are delicious.

"Syria is famous for its cuisine and all the men and the women here are great cooks."

The bake sale raised £685.00 which will go to the White Helmets, an organisation working to rescue people from the rubble of the earthquakes in Syria.

Falmouth and Penryn Welcome Refugees have raised over £3,000 in total with the bake sale and a feast night at the Cornish Bank.