Missing rugby star Levi Davis' WhatsApp messages read weeks after his disappearance

A text message sent to Levi Davis weeks after he went missing has been read

WhatsApp messages sent to missing rugby player Levi Davis were read weeks after he disappeared.

Private detective Gavin Burrows confirmed to ITV News West Country that a text message sent to the X Factor star two months after he vanished was read.

He said: "Either Levi is still alive and gone into hiding, or he's dead and someone's accessing his accounts.

"The message is from someone very close to him urging him to go to the police.

"We've had a forensically checked and it definitely has been accessed."

Gavin Burrows' Line of Inquiry firm is offering a £10,000 reward for information that could lead to Levi being found Credit: PA

The former professional rugby player was last seen leaving a pub in Barcelona on 29 October.

His phone was last detected near the city's railway station that same night.

New reports have now emerged concerning a message sent to Mr Davis on 15 December - which has been read.

The message, sent at 1.25pm on 15 December, reads: "Please come home. I love you. And miss you xx."

Underneath the most recent message, it has a "Read" message, which appears when someone has seen the message.

The message sent to Levi was pleading for him to come home Credit: PA

Earlier this month, reports emerged revealing Mr Davis had posted a video on social media saying "my life is in danger" days before he went missing.

In the startling video, Mr Davis shared how he was being blackmailed by criminals who were threatening to kill him and his family.

He said: "I am now not safe. By doing this I am not safe...this is me taking my power back."

His family have previously talked about their heartbreak at his disappearance.

Levi's mother, Julie Davis, says her life has been "upside down" since her son's disappearance.

In December, the family announced they were hiring a private investigator to help the search for Levi.

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