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John’s surf & turf in a bap

John begins his day with a trip down memory lane at The Jolly Fisherman pub in Craster, where he was wowed by their crab sandwiches when he visited 20 years ago. After tucking into their latest offering, he cycles up the coast to Seahouses to join some lobster fishermen on their afternoon run. Safely back on dry land, John helps himself to one of the day's catches and whips up a lobster surf and turf bap.

John’s surf & turf in a bap

Serves: 4


1 lobster 

For the Spicy Mayo:

1 egg yolk 

1 tablespoon Mustard 

100mls Tarragon Vinegar 

100mls Olive oil

200mls Vegetable Oil 

1 large Red Chilli 

Salt & Pepper 

For the Surf and Turf Bap:

8 rashers of bacon

4 sausage patties 

2 little gem lettuce, sliced/shredded 

2 large beefsteak tomatoes, sliced  

2 large pickled gherkins, sliced  

Cayenne Pepper 

4 proper baps 

Lots of butter


For the lobster

1. Clean the lobster and take all the meat from the shell. 

2. Keep the tail and slice into 4 thick slices. 

3. Remove the meat from the claws and chop into small pieces, set to one side. 

For the spicy mayo

1. Place all the ingredients in a jar, pop in the Stick Blender and Whizz 

For the surf and turf bap

1. Heat a pan and cook the bacon, place to one side and now cook the sausage patties in the bacon fat.

2. Whilst they cook, mix the chopped lobster, not the tail, with a good tablespoon of mayonnaise and a little lettuce, like a prawn cocktail. 

3. Now start to build the bap, Butter it and place the gherkin in and then some lettuce, some lobster mayo (as made), bacon, tomato, sausage patty and then mayonnaise and cayenne pepper, now the lobster tail. Top with the buttered bap top. 

4. Consume and smile!

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Weekdays 10am-12:30pm