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John Torode's festive toasties

John Torode is getting us in the festive spirit with three delicious Christmas-inspired toasties!

He’ll be making a pigs in blankets and stuffing toastie with a cranberry sauce, before moving on to a ham and turkey rarebit toastie, and finally for dessert, an apple and mince pie filling with custard on the side!

Turkey and ham rarebit toastie

Serves 1


Two slices of thick white or wholemeal bread, buttered 

Sliced turkey, to layer sandwich 

Sliced ham, to layer sandwich 


250g grated Cheddar cheese 

A good shake of Worcestershire sauce 

1 tbsp plain flour 

1 teaspoon mustard powder 

ground pepper 

60ml Irish stout

Oil and butter, for frying


1. To make the rarebit, place everything in a saucepan except the Irish stout and heat through a little, then add the booze and stir until it becomes thick. Pour into a lined baking tray and leave to set. When cool, slice to fit the size of your bread.

2. Layer up the turkey and ham, in the bread, followed by the rarebit, then sandwich together and place into the frying pan with the oil and butter. Turn and heat through until both sides are golden and the filling is melting. 

Apple and mince pie toastie

Serves 1


Two slices white loaf bread 

1 tin of sliced apples, drained and chopped

1 jar of mince meat 

To coat

50g sugar 

1tsp ground cinnamon


1. In a bowl, mix together the apples and mincemeat in equal quantities. 

2. Lay the bread on the board and spread a little butter to each side. 

3. Put a good spoonful of the mince & apple mix in the centre and spread out but not to the edges. Keep the rest in a jar to repeat for more toasties if you’d like. 

4. Place in a sandwich maker/toastie maker and cook for a few minutes until the light turns off. 

5. On a plate or tray, mix together the sugar and cinnamon. 

6. When the sandwiches are cooked, roll in the sugar mix, coating both sides. Serve with custard.

Pigs in blanket and stuffing toastie

Serves 1


Two slices of crusty bread 

1 squares of sausage meat 

Some stuffing (ready-made) 

1-2 slice of Gruyere cheese 

2 slices of crispy bacon 

Mayonnaise, to cover one slice of bread

To serve

Cranberry sauce


1. Cook the sausage meat and the bacon in a frying pan. 

2. Meanwhile make the stuffing to packet instructions. 

3. Lay the bread on a board and butter both sides. 

4. Lay the cheese on one slice of the bread, then layer up with some stuffing, bacon, sausage, finally top with the cheese and a spread of mayonnaise. Sandwich together, you will have to press it down to fit into a sandwich bag. When in the bag, place into the toaster until the bread is golden and the cheese is melting. 

5. Serve with cranberry sauce.

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