Team Mouat 'disappointed' to miss out on World Curling Championships despite Olympic silver medals

The curlers are the first athletes to be selected for Team GB. Bobby Lammie (left), Ross Whyte, Bruce Mouat, Hammy McMillan, Grant Hardie. Team GB photo 14/10/21.
Team Mouat brought home silver in the Olympics. Credit: Team GB

Team Mouat have expressed their disappointment to not be competing in the World Men's Curling Championships.

After bringing home silver medals in the Olympics, they didn't take part in the Scottish Curling Championships as it clashed with their return from the Winter Games in Beijing.

Instead, Team Paterson won the Scottish Championships and will be going to Las Vegas to represent Scotland.

Team Mouat, all from the south of Scotland, posted a statement on Twitter to explain the situation.

The statement said: "We are very disappointed with the outcome of the selection process for the 2022 World Men's Curling Championships in Las Vegas, USA.

"We take great pride in being full-time athletes and always look forward to representing Scotland when given the opportunity.

"We wish Team Paterson all the best at the championship.

"It is regretted that there was an avoidable clash of dates with the Scottish Championship and our return from the Winter Olympic Games.

"We would have relished the opportunity to participate in both."

They then went on to mention that the situation has required "legal intervention" to settle it.

They added: "We feel disappointed that a simple selection process such as this required legal intervention by some other interested parties to ultimately achieve a final decision.

"The mishandling of the selection process has been outwith the control of the teams under consideration for selection.

"In the best interest of the athletes, we require robust and transparent change to ensure the mismanaged sequence of events over the past two weeks and beyond are never repeated."

Instead Team Paterson consisting of Ross Paterson, Duncan Menzies, Craig Waddell and Kyle Waddell will represent Scotland in the World Curling Championships which starts on Saturday 2 April and will run for a week.