Family's excitement at meeting Royals as they wait in the queue for the Queen

A Birmingham family have shared their excitement at meeting both King Charles III and Prince William after travelling to London to pay their respects to the Queen.

Ewan and his parents had been waiting in the queue for fourteen hours to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Lying in State.

As they waited they were first approached by King Charles III as he greeted people around the line.

And just when they thought things couldn't get any better, they got the chance to speak to Prince William as well.

The family made their way to London from Birmingham Credit: ITN

Holding back the tears, Ewan said: "King Charles came to me.

"He made my joy go already up and then when William came, it made it go up even more and they both made me really happy today.

"Willaim said to me how long haver you been walking for and I've been telling him we've been in the queue fourteen hours and then he said that's amazing and I bet you are tired.

"I said, no I'll keep going on. We've got photographic evidence to print off so people will believe me."

Ewan's dad said: "Unbelievable, we didn't expect it to meet the King or the Prince today.

"We've come all the way from Birmingham to pay our respects to the Queen and to get this is just a massive, massive honour to do.

"We'd spoken and said that we wanted to make history by coming to pay our respects and we have. This has topped it off."

Prince William also joked with a young Manchester United supporter in the crowds.

He was asked whether he supported the Manchester team, when in fact he supports Aston Villa. When the crowd moaned in unison, he said ‘We can’t all be perfect.'

Angela Clarke (right) got to shake hands with King Charles III Credit: ITN

Elsewhere down the line, Angela Clarke, from Leicestershire also got to meet the King.

She said she had been in the queue since 1am to see the Queen Lying in State.

She also spoke of her joy as she was lucky enough to shake the King's hand as he made his way around the crowds waiting ever so patiently in line.

She said: "It's been hard going hasn't it. It's been hard.

"From one o'clock this morning in and out snaking backwards and forwards, but well worth every minute especially with that. A fairytale ending, absolutely."