Urgent meeting in Eastbourne to assess damage caused by fire

The Sussex seaside landmark has been badly damaged by fire. Today there's an urgent meeting taking place attended by the town's MP, Stephen Lloyd, and those affected by the devastating fire.

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Eastbourne pier fire: the morning after

Following the devastating fire that engulfed the Sussex landmark yesterday afternoon, a burnt out structure of Eastbourne pier has been left illuminated by the bright sunshine this morning.

The rising sun this morning shows the empty shell of the pier
A police line blocking people from entering the burnt out pier
Police cordon remains in place around the landmark today
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Fishing rods and uneaten chips remain at pier after blaze

By Richard Pallot: ITV News Correspondent

The evacuation of Eastbourne Pier was so swift yesterday that apparently there are still many fishing rods, uneaten chips and lunches at the end of the pier where holidaymakers left them.

The shell of the Eastbourne Pier is seen the day after the blaze. Credit: ITV News/Richard Pallot
Fire crews are continuing to put out remaining hotspots at the pier. Credit: ITV News/Richard Pallot

Fire crews are still concerned that occasional hotspots at the Eastbourne pier could reignite and so they are continuing to monitor and dampen down.

Experts say it is too unsafe to gain access to the pier at moment and it may be some time before they can assess the solidity of the structure.


Chief Fire Officer praises work at Eastbourne Pier fire

The Chief Fire Officer of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is praising firefighters and members of other emergency services and agencies for the response to the Eastbourne Pier fire.

As of 10pm, the incident is being scaled down. Around 30 firefighters are expected to stay at the scene overnight.

"This has been an extremely challenging incident. Our firefighters have worked very hard in difficult conditions to stop the fire from spreading. Sadly one building on the Pier is now a shell and other smaller buildings have been damaged but the remaining buildings on the pier are being protected. This couldn't have been achieved without the assistance of a number of other organisations, including the police, Coastguard and RNLI. This is obviously an upsetting incident for all those who love this landmark. We are thankful that there are no reported injuries and that firefighting operations continue, to try and ensure we save a large part of this iconic Pier."

– Chief Fire Officer Des Prichard

An investigation into the cause of the fire is underway.

At the height of the incident 80 firefighters were at the scene. They attacked the fire from the shoreline, from the sea using lifeboats and from above using an aerial platform.

A further update will be posted around 7am tomorrow.

Eastbourne Pier fire update

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service remains at the scene of the Eastbourne Pier fire.

At the height of the incident, 80 firefighters were at the scene.

A water bowser was used to relay water and an aerial platform was used as a water tower to tackle the fire. Firefighters also worked off lifeboats, aiming water at the fire from the sea. Ground monitors were put in place to provide unmanned large firefighting jets of water.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went onto the Pier and underneath the Pier to prevent the spread of the fire. Light portable pumps were used to pump sea water onto the fire.

The Maritime team from Newhaven who worked with lifeboats and Coastguard teams.

Fire investigators are now on site.

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