Laurie Nouchka

Laurie Nouchka creates limited edition drawings and paintings that lift her artwork off the canvas on to her uniquely designed range of contemporary fabrics. She is inspired by London's urban architecture and creates drawings of iconic buildings which translate into bold, wearable art.

For her ident, Laurie has built the ITV logo and lifted her designs directly from canvas to lycra so that the architectural landscape moulds across the fabric.

Laurie has exhibited in London, Barcelona and New York and her work can be found in both private and public collections.

Fiona Grady

Fiona Grady lives and works in London, having studied BA Fine Art at the University of Wales and MA Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art, graduating in 2011. Fiona’s practice plays with light, surface and scale; each piece changing with the light of day, emphasising the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of the work.

For her ident, Fiona incorporated the ITV logo into the design of her artwork, only appearing when the glass work is lit, throwing shadows onto nearby surfaces and revealing the hidden logo. The intention was to create a sense of drama to the artwork and a nod to the techniques of television that change the way we perceive reality.

Fiona’s recent solo exhibitions include ‘Rendered Invisible’ The Art House, Wakefield (2016); ‘Natural Triangulations’ Walthamstow Wetlands Visitor Centre (2017) and 'Kaleidoscope' Broadgate London (2018).

CJ Mahony

CJ Mahony was born in London, and lives and works in Glasgow. Her work is held in private and public collections and has been exhibited extensively across the UK.

CJ’s work creates points of uncertainty where relationships between bodies, objects, and spaces are tested and explored. Her work may take the form of a built environment large enough to get lost in, or could be an object small enough to hold in your hand. CJ’s work may lead you to question whether you recognise what you’re seeing, or whether you are inside or outside the thing you are looking at.

CJ regularly works to commission, from traditional galleries through to more unusual sites: her work may be found hidden in a building about to be demolished, installed in a National Trust property, or performed in the middle of rush hour in Charing Cross Station in London.

Olly Fathers

Olly graduated with a fine art degree from Wimbledon College of art in 2010. He is currently based in Brixton, London.

Since graduating, he has continued to develop and refine his techniques and ideas, to get them to where they are today. An example of this is fine-tuning the perfect viscosity of his paint when working alongside gravity, so that it flows fluidly around various shapes, leaving a trail that captures its journey. This flowing trail is visible in Olly's ident for ITV.

Over the last few years Olly has featured in several shows and taken on commissions and collaborative works. Shows include: Harder Edge exhibition at the Hospital Club and Saatchi gallery (Nov 2018 – Jan 2019); a large wall mural for the Jealous Gallery rooftop mural project; a shop front installation with We Built This City on Carnaby street as part of London Festival (Aug 2017).

Adam Nathaniel Furman

Adam Nathaniel Furman is a London-based designer whose practice ranges from Architecture & interiors, to sculpture, installation, writing and product design.

Adam pursues research through his studio 'Productive Exuberance' at Central St Martins, and the Research Group 'Saturated Space' which he runs at the Architectural Association, exploring colour in Architecture and Urbanism through events, lectures and publications. He was Designer in Residence at the Design Museum in London for 2013-14, was appointed one of the Evening Standard’s “1000 Most Influential Londoners of 2018”, and was awarded the Blueprint Award for best small project 2018.

Adam says that his ‘multicultural background and personal connection with queerness’ are a big influence on his work and are always fused with a keen interest in broader universal themes. His design for the ITV logo is a set of colourfully creative 3d-printed characters. The central Totem represents the iconic status of the broadcaster, whilst the other surrounding elements represent the varied types of programming ITV offers.

Bharti Parmar

Bharti Parmar is an artist whose practice of over 25 years encompasses printmaking, sculpture and painting. She trained at the Royal College of Art and has a PhD in material culture studies.

Her recent work focusses on illusion and surfaces – and what we expect them to be, with a particular interest in wood, veneers and the craft of marquetry.

Bharti has been artist in residence on prestigious gallery programmes, most recently at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin and her work features in several institutional collections.

For ITV Creates, she has conceptualised the ITV ident as a 3-D sculpture that exploits common principles in marquetry such as ‘bookmatching’ veneers with recognisable designs (e.g. parquet, herringbone). Designed in similar colourways to the existing logo, her interpretation creatively subverts the scheme using decorative motifs.

Isabel + Helen

Working as a duo since 2013, Isabel + Helen create installations that combine a stripped-back aesthetic with an often-humorous approach. Taking simple sensory pleasures as a starting point, they conceive both quiet interventions and large-scale constructions that transform familiar objects into curious new spaces.

For their ITV ident, Isabel + Helen referenced television pixels and the ever-changing patterns created by them. They wanted to see how they could recreate the energy of pixels in an analogue and physical way.

Charley Peters

Charley Peters is a London-based painter whose work is concerned with the spatial potential of the painted surface, on which she applies subtle variations in colour, tone and scale to construct illusionary light and structural depth.

For her ITV ident, Charley wanted to produce a walk-in wall and floor painting that considers the language of hard edge painting in the context of contemporary screen-based signifiers. Charley has been inspired by the evolution of television since its invention, and her work will draw on the aesthetics of broadcasting culture: logos, on-screen graphics, test cards and visual glitches, whilst suggesting the significant developments of television throughout its history; from monochrome to colour, analogue to digital.

Charley exhibits her work internationally, showing recently at Saatchi Gallery (London), PaintLounge at Sluice Expo 2018 (Berlin), Z20 Sara Zanin Gallery (Rome) and Art 2 (New York). She writes about painting for online and print publications, is a peer reviewer for The Journal of Contemporary Painting, and has recently been invited to join the editorial board of Turps Banana painting magazine. Charley has a PhD in Fine Art Theory and Practice and currently holds a part-time academic post at LCC/University of the Arts London, where she is a postgraduate Course Leader.