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    Rosalind Davis & Justin Hibbs Collaborate with Jamal Sterrett | ITV Creates

    Rosalind Davis & Justin Hibbs Collaborate with Jamal Sterrett | ITV Creates

    An ITV Creates Collaboration by Thomas Wolski and Rebecca Smith | Pride 2021

    The inspiration for the collaboration is the mixing of monochrome fine-art illustration, modernised through the marriage of colourful digital projection.

    An ITV Creates Collaboration by MAMIMU & Dr Tara Swart | Mental Health Awareness Week

    This month’s artist is June Mineyama-Smithson, an artist and graphic designer known as MAMIMU. MAMIMU is collaborating with Dr Tara Swart.

    An ITV Creates Collaboration by Jason Wilsher-Mills | Artist & Judith Hope | Puppet Maker

    Our artist is Jason Wilsher-Mills, a multi-disciplinary artist. Jason has collaborated with Judith Hope, a puppet maker for theatre, film, festivals and events.

    ITV Kids Create is back!

    ITV Kids Create is back and we again want to make some very special ITV logos, combining designs from kids across the nation.

    Melanie King & Prof. Lucie Green

    Our artist this month is Melanie King - based in Kent, Melanie works with alternative photography processes, with a specific focus on astronomy.

    Sharon Walters & Mark Lane

    ITV Creates continues in 2021 with a new focus this year on collaboration.

    Neequaye Dreph Dsane | Black History Month

    Neequaye's work attempts to present an alternative narrative and a reflection of the contemporary black British experience.

    King Owusu | Black History Month

    King believes that creativity isn't all about what you make but how you see and how you can use that understanding to inspire you to breathe.

    Alfie Kungu | Black History Month

    To Alfie, black history is a rich mix of warmth, brightness and colour.

    Hamed Maiye | Black History Month

    Hamed is an interdisciplinary artist based in London.

    Same Sky & Regent High School

    Same Sky is an award-winning community arts charity. Since 1987 they have been creating magical, out-of-this-world events.

    Create & Young Carers

    Unleashing creativity ignites imaginations, develops confidence and builds relationships.

    Sarah Harris & LeftCoast Makers

    LeftCoast are committed to using the arts as a route to develop people's identity, creativity and learning.

    ITV Kids Create

    A big thank you and shout-out to everyone who shared their amazing artwork for #ITVKidsCreate

    On The Mend & NHS Staff

    On The Mend are the only creative studio in the UK to focus solely on health awareness.

    Hermione Allsopp & Hastings Furniture Service

    Hermione Allsopp makes sculptural work by collecting objects and furniture and re-creating them into new forms or compositions. These are familia...

    Saj Fareed & Asian Women's Resource Centre

    We all have busy lives and often busy minds. Finding moments to pause, breathe and connect can be a challenge but is integral to developing mindfu...

    Anna Lomax

    As a self-proclaimed ‘obsessive collector’, Anna is fascinated by pop culture and the idea of the readymade. Her work is inspired by the old, the ...

    Melanie Tomlinson

    Melanie trained in illustration at Birmingham School of Art. She is passionate about creating visual narratives involving marginalised spaces and ...

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