Islanders in Jersey: heaviest drinkers in Europe

Residents in Jersey are among the heaviest drinkers in Europe.

Figures released today show islanders' alcohol consumption is second only to that of Lithuania.

People are drinking less than a decade ago, but one in four are still consuming alcohol at levels harmful to their health.

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Excess alcohol causes 15 deaths a year in Jersey

Credit: David Jones/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The findings of new report on alcohol consumption in Jersey show residents are among the heaviest drinkers in Europe.

Here are the key findings of the Jersey Alcohol Profile 2015.

  • Although alcohol consumption per capita in Jersey has fallen to an average of 12 litres of pure alcohol per year, the figure is one of the highest in Europe, significantly higher than the OECD average of nine litres
  • One in 10 people in Jersey report not drinking any alcohol
  • One in four drinkers were found to be drinking at potentially hazardous or harmful levels
  • An average of 15 people a year die from conditions directly related to alcohol consumption
  • Around 500 people a year are admitted to the hospital for a specific alcohol-related condition
  • At least 500 domestic violence incidents involving alcohol have been reported to the States of Jersey Police since the beginning of 2012.

However on a more positive side...

  • The majority of pregnant woman (94%) don’t drink alcohol
  • Fewer young people are drinking, and those who do drink less than their UK counterparts.

The profile covers a range of topics from drinking habits and behaviours of adults and children, drinking-related ill-health and mortality, alcohol pricing and alcohol-related costs. The report uses data from a range of sources including the Jersey Annual Social Survey, Hospital data and data provided by States of Jersey Departments.

– Marguerite Clarke, report author

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