Met Police press chief quits

Dick Fedorcio, the suspended Met Police Director of Public Affairs, has resigned. He was to face gross misconduct charges over a contract awarded to the PR company run by the former News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis.

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Met Police public affairs chief quits: full statement

I have today been notified that Dick Fedorcio, the Metropolitan Police Service Director of Public Affairs, has resigned. In July 2011 the IPCC received a referral from the Metropolitan Police Authority in relation Mr Fedorcio. We decided to independently investigate the relationship between Mr Fedorcio and Neil Wallis, a former deputy editor at the News of the World, focusing on the circumstances under which a contract for senior level media advice and support was awarded to Mr Wallis company, Chamy Media.

That investigation concluded and a report was sent to the MPS Directorate of Professional Standards on 10 January 2012. Our investigation found that Mr Fedorcio has a case to answer in relation to his procurement of the contract for Chamy Media. Last week the Metropolitan Police Service proposed to initiate proceedings for gross misconduct and I agreed with that proposal. In light of Mr Fedorcio's resignation today, those proceedings cannot now take place and I propose to publish our investigation report detailing our findings, in the next few days.

– IPCC Deputy Chair, Deborah Glass
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