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7 of 9 kids left with stranger

An investigation by ITV's Daybreak has looked at what a child would do if they were approached by a stranger. Nine children were approached in a park by the 'stranger' and seven of them left with the man.

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Top tips in keeping your child safe from strangers

  • Who's who: Help to reinforce the idea that a stranger does not always look sinister. A recent survey showed that children aged between five and eight thought 'strangers' looked scary or villainous.
  • Don't go, say no: If your child is approached by a stranger teach them to say 'no' to raise the alarm.
  • Plan ahead: Give your child your home, work and mobile numbers so they can reach you at all times and stress they should never talk to, accept gifts or walk off with a stranger.
  • Time to teach: Teach your child stock phrases, for example if they are offered sweets by a stranger, tell them to say: "No thank you. Please leave me alone".
  • Practice makes: You can practice scenarios with your child and have a conversation regularly about the dangers of strangers.

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