Criticism after escaped lynx is shot

Ceredigion Council said the decision had been taken to 'humanely destroy' escaped Lynx Lillith after the risk it posed to the public increased.

Lillith, who was one-and-a-half years old and twice the size of a domestic cat, had been missing from Borth Wild Animal Kingdom near Aberystwyth since the end of October.

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Wildlife park closes as lynx search continues

Borth Wild Animal Kingdom has closed temporarily, as the search continues for an escaped lynx.

The lynx, Lilleth, is described as being roughly twice the size of an average cat with a distinctive “thick, stubby tail”.

In a post on their Facebook page, the park said, “We are closing the zoo tomorrow to allow all of our staff to dedicate their time to hunt for Lilleth.”

The feline, “has been spotted several times on the hill behind the zoo”, according to the zoo although it has not been baited into any of the traps set up for her.

It confirmed a funnel trap will be used in order to capture her as "humanely as possible."

The zoo added it would like to avoid drugging the young Eurasian lynx unless necessary, with trained marksmen with dart guns available if needed.

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