Firms halt nuclear plant plans

RWE npower and E.ON have announced they will not proceed with their "Horizon" project, which looked to develop new nuclear plants at Wylfa in North Wales and Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire.

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Expert warns over nuclear setback

Professor Dame Sue Ion, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, said the decision by RWE and E.ON was a warning to the Government.

Not only is new nuclear build stalling, but investment is stalling generally across the energy industry.

Large amounts of capital require large amounts of cash and the recession, especially in Europe, is making access to cash difficult.

This decision will bring home to government how challenging it is when investment decisions are left entirely to the market.

We are now in a position where investment by UK utilities in the UK is being affected by decisions taken overseas.

Set-back as firms halt nuclear plants

The 'Horizon Nuclear Project' looked to develop nuclear reactors at Wylfa in North Wales and Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire.

Wylfa power station in North Wales Credit: ITV News

The Welsh Government said: "This is disappointing news. The First Minister made it clear that Anglesey remains the best option for a nuclear development and has asked for the full support of the UK Government as we work with Horizon to deliver this investment and secure jobs for workers at Wylfa."


Labour: 'disappointing' decision to shelve new nuclear plants in Britain

Nuclear power has a vital role to play as part of a more sustainable, balanced and low-carbon future energy mix, to make us less reliant on volatile fossil fuel prices, increase our energy security, and keep prices down for families. RWE and E.ON’s decision to not proceed with the Horizon Nuclear Project is disappointing, and underscores the importance of the Government’s electricity market reform delivering a framework that will provide certainty and confidence for other potential investors.

– Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary

Union: 'crucial nuclear project' cannot fail

The union Unite is urging the Government to get Project Horizon back on track to help secure thousands of skilled jobs. It had the potential to bring £3 billion into the UK supply chain:

The UK Government must not allow this crucial UK project to fail because of decisions being made in Germany. Britain needs Project Horizon to succeed for the sake of our future energy needs and thousands of skilled jobs which would be created as a result. The Government must urgently do everything possible to get Project Horizon back on track by finding buyers to take over the project.

– Kevin Coyne, Unite national officer

Energy Minister: 'clearly very disappointing' that energy giants have abandoned plant plans

E.ON and RWE's withdrawal is clearly very disappointing, but the partners have clearly explained that this decision was based on pressures elsewhere in their businesses and not any doubts about the role of nuclear in UK's energy future.

The UK's new nuclear programme is far more than one consortia and there remains considerable interest.

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