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EDL leaders leave group

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has left the group as he no longer wants to be the "public face for fascists".

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Robinson 'won't be public face for fascists'

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has said he left the group to avoid having to represent the proportion of extremist supporters it contains.

Speaking in a press conference about the far-right fascist members of the EDL, Robinson said "Am I willing to be the public face for them? No I'm not."

Tommy Robinson maintains that he does not hate Muslims. Credit: PA

Asked whether he'd been forced out of the group because he'd failed to control its supporters, he said "if you look at the reaction from the English Defence League today they're devastated".

But Robinson insisted he would continue the debate about "Islamist ideologies", saying "the more you suppress a voice, the more extreme it will become."

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