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Hundreds gather in Turkey to remember victims of suicide blasts

Hundreds of people have gathered in central Ankara to remember the victims of twin suicide blasts that struck the Turkish capital one week ago.

The crowd stood in silence at 10.04am, the time the bombs went off on October 10, killing more than 100 people.

Islamic State is the focus of investigations into the twin suicide bombing, the country's prime minister has said.

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Government blamed as thousands march in Ankara

Thousands of people gathered near Ankara's main railway station on Sunday, close to the scene of the twin bomb attacks which killed an estimated 128 people.

Family members of one of the victims mourn as his coffin is brought by. Credit: Reuters

Government opposition groups chanted "Murderer Erdogan", "murderer police", blaming the president for the worst terrorist attack in the country's history.

Members of the left-wing EMEP party shout anti-government slogans near the scene of the blasts. Credit: Reuters

Turkey said it believes the so-called Islamic State group to be behind the attacks with state TV saying 43 people had been detained in dawn raids across the country.

A demonstrator holds flowers in front of a police barricade at a commemoration for the victims of the attacks. Credit: Reuters

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