Cambridgeshire's new railway station hit by more delays

Plans for the new Cambridge North station

Network rail has confirmed that Cambridgeshire's new North Railway station has been hit by more delays.

The station won't now open until next May - the original target was last December. There's been a series of setbacks in getting the station open.

Network rail has now confirmed the first services are due to run from there in May 2017. New stations can only be opened in May or December, to fit in with changes to the timetable.

"Unfortunately, the planning process took longer than anticipated and agreements on funding were also reached later than originally planned. As a result, we have revised our opening date to May 2017.

"While we understand this decision will not be popular, we know that the new station will deliver a huge boost to people living and working in the area and will both drive and support continued economic growth in Cambridge."

– Network Rail