Notting Hill Carnival

Up to 1 million people expected on day two of the Notting Hill carnival

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Notting Hill Carnival Safety Tips

1) Meet friends before entering the Notting Hill Carnival area.

2) With so many people in the area, you may struggle to get mobile phone reception, so ensure you have a set meeting place in case you lose anyone.

3) Make sure you know how you are getting home before you arrive. A number of tube stations in the area are closed or exit only for much of the weekend.

4) Go with the flow of the crowd.

5) Don’t bring your valuables or wear expensive jewellery and don't carry too much cash.

6) Keep your belongings with you at all times.

7) Drink plenty of water.

8) Consider using a disposable camera, rather than an expensive camera.

9) If you see an unattended bag or package, report it immediately

10) Make sure you take a map with you

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