Israeli police arrests six suspects over Palestinian teen killing

Six people have been arrested by Israeli police in connection with the murder of a Palestinian teenager, AFP reports. The death of Mohammed Abu Khudair, 16, followed the abduction and murder of three young Israelis.

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Arrests 'bring little joy' to family of Palestinian murder victim

Mohammed Abu Khudair's death has set off a crime wave of violent protests in Arab sections of Israel. Credit: Reuters

The family of Mohammed Abu Khudair, the Palestinian teenager who was abducted and burned alive, say they feel 'little joy' over the arrests of six Jewish suspects in connection with the killing.

His mother Suha said she had little faith in the Israeli justice system.

She said: "I don't have any peace in my heart, even if they captured who they say killed my son.

"They're only going to ask them questions and then release them. What's the point?"

She added: "They need to treat them the way they treat us. They need to demolish their homes and round them up, the way they do it to our children."

'Six people arrested' over murder of Palestinian teen

Six Jewish suspects have been arrested by Israeli police in connection with the murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khudair, according to news agencies.

Suha, mother of murdered Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khudair, shows a picture of her son. Credit: Reuters

The 16-year-old's death followed the abduction and murder of three young Israelis in Jerusalem.


Man 'arrested' in connection with killings of Israeli teens

Israeli forces have arrested a young Palestinian man in connection with the abduction and killing of three teenagers in Jerusalem, according to local reports.

A picture of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach. Credit: Reuters

The arrest was reportedly made shortly after midnight in Hebron in connection with the killings of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel.

The three youngsters went missing on June 12 - sparking a huge military operation - and their bodies were found 18 days later by Israeli soldiers.

Israel has accused Hamas of being behind the killings, a claim the group denies.

Murdered Palestinian boy was 'burned alive'

Suha, mother of murdered Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khudair, shows a picture of her son. Credit: Reuters

The 16-year-old Palestinian boy who was murdered on his way to prayers on Wednesday has been "burned alive," according to initial autopsy findings, the Palestinian attorney-general is reported as saying.

"The direct cause of death was burns as a result of fire and it's complications," Mohammed Al-A'wewy was quoted as saying by Palestinian official news agency Wafa.

Palestinian youths in further clashes with Israeli soldiers

Palestinian youths have clashed with Israeli soldiers after a day of high tension and the funeral of a Palestinian teenager they believe was killed by far-right Jews in retaliation for the deaths of three Israeli youth.

A soldier fires on protesters. Credit: Reuters
A day of high tension led to further clashes. Credit: Reuters
Palestinian youths in further clashes with Israeli soldiers. Credit: Reuters

Murdered Palestinian youth buried amid clashes

Thousands of furious Palestinians called for a new uprising against Israel during the funeral of a teen they believe was kidnapped and killed by far-right Jews.

Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli police in Jerusalem Credit: REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Stones thrown at Israeli police were met by teargas, stun grenades and rubber bullets in one of the most highly charged displays of enmity in Jerusalem in years as the body of Mohammed Abu Khudair, 16, wrapped in a Palestinian flag, was carried through his neighbourhood under a sweltering sun.

Palestinian women watch the funeral of Mohammed Abu Khudair Credit: REUTERS/Ammar Awad

Medics said 15 demonstrators were treated for injuries. There was no immediate word of arrests by the Israelis.

People attend the funeral of Mohammed Abu Khudair. Credit: REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly


Palestinian protesters clash with police in Jerusalem

Palestinians infuriated at a kidnap and killing they blame on far-right Jews clashed with Israeli police in Jerusalem on Friday.

Protesters threw rocks at police who fired back tear gas and stun grenades. There was no immediate word of casualties or arrests.

Ahead of Abu Khudair's funeral, Israeli police deployed extra forces in Jerusalem and barred men under the age of 50 from al Aqsa mosque complex, the city's most sacred Muslim site.

Crowds mourn murdered Palestinian teenager

Crowds of Palestinians have matched through the streets of east Jerusalem, carrying the body of murdered 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair.

"With our souls and our blood we will redeem you, martyr," the hundreds of mourners chanted.

His body was carried for burial through east Jerusalem wrapped in a Palestinian flag.

Palestinians demand release of killed youth's body

Palestinians have taken to the streets after Friday prayers in east Jerusalem, demanding the release of the body of murdered Palestinian youth Mohammed Abu Khudair.

Tensions are high in east Jerusalem, as mourners continue to gather for the expected funeral of the Palestinian teenager, who was kidnapped and murdered in a suspected revenge attack, two days after the bodies of three murdered Israeli teenagers were found in Hebron.

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