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Israeli police arrests six suspects over Palestinian teen killing

Six people have been arrested by Israeli police in connection with the murder of a Palestinian teenager, AFP reports. The death of Mohammed Abu Khudair, 16, followed the abduction and murder of three young Israelis.

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Arrests 'bring little joy' to family of Palestinian murder victim

Mohammed Abu Khudair's death has set off a crime wave of violent protests in Arab sections of Israel. Credit: Reuters

The family of Mohammed Abu Khudair, the Palestinian teenager who was abducted and burned alive, say they feel 'little joy' over the arrests of six Jewish suspects in connection with the killing.

His mother Suha said she had little faith in the Israeli justice system.

She said: "I don't have any peace in my heart, even if they captured who they say killed my son.

"They're only going to ask them questions and then release them. What's the point?"

She added: "They need to treat them the way they treat us. They need to demolish their homes and round them up, the way they do it to our children."

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