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Corbyn asks Cameron questions from public in debut PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron questions submitted by the public as he takes part in Prime Minister's Questions for the first time as Labour leader.

Before his PMQs appearance, Labour said Mr Corbyn will sing the national anthem at future events, after he was criticised for not singing the anthem at a Battle of Britain commemoration on Tuesday.

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Corbynomics - What is it all about?

We heard a lot about "Corbynomics" during the Labour leadership campaign.

Now Jeremy Corbyn has been selected, what can we expect? His proposals hint at the radical, but much of his plan is mainstream such as re-nationalisation of the railways and utilities.

He plans to raise funds from a crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion and from more Quantitative Easing.

During the campaign, ITV News Business Editor Joel Hills spoke to economist Richard Murphy, who inspired "Corbynomics" to find out more.

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