Campaign to save Grimsby factory

There's renewed energy in trying to breathe new life into one of the country's most endangered buildings, right here in our region.

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Archive footage shows Ice Factory's dying days

In the final weeks of Grimsby Ice Factory's operational life, Martyn Bullock went inside the building with his video camera and captured the day-to-day routine on film.

His footage is now a valuable historical record of the dying days of the site as a production facility.

The footage is now on a DVD that's being donated to the Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust.

A short extract is included here with permissions.

Building owners say they will discuss credible ideas for its future

The former ice factory was completed in 1900 and stopped manufacturing ice 90 years later. Since then it has stood empty but is still owned by Associated British Ports. They say they will consider any credible future options for the building:

The port of Grimsby is a modern and developing operational port. It is currently seeing multi-million pound investment by ABP and its customers which will support significant business development and bring new jobs to the locality. ABP has for a number of years held discussions with heritage and regeneration experts to consider their proposals for the restoration of the Ice Factory. We will continue to discuss with GGIFT any credible opportunity it may bring forward which does not compromise on the future operational needs of a working port.

– ABP spokesperson


Campaigner: The building has to bring people in from outside the region

For the past two years the Great Grimsby Ice Factory Trust has been starting to look at ideas for bringing the old building back into use. The Chair of the group Vicky Hartung says they are considering different options before moving into producing more definite plans.

So far they have been working closely with the Prince's Regeneration Trust and other organisations such as the Architectural Heritage Fund and English Heritage. It is hoped that any new use will bring more people and investment to the town.

Pictures show ice factory's decay

Photographs from inside the now almost derelict ice factory show how badly it has fallen into disrepair. There are holes in the floor and part of the ceiling has caved in.

Ice factory interior Credit: Sue Stone

Engineers who have been inside the building have concluded that although it is badly decayed it is structurally sound. It is not in danger of collapse.

Ice factory interior Credit: Sue Stone

Much of the factory's inner workings are still visible and it is hoped they could be conserved and restored to be used as a heritage attraction once the building is made safe.

Ice factory upper building Credit: Sue Stone
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