E.coli and faecal bacteria found in burger vans

Research from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed that food, water, chopping boards, cleaning cloths and security wristbands sampled from mobile and outdoor food vendors were contaminated with a range of bacteria including E.coli.

The bacteria, which originates from human or animal faeces is usually an indicator of either poor hygiene, undercooking or cross-contamination in the kitchen.

The events where samples were taken included 50 concerts or music festivals, 20 sports events, 39 carnivals, fetes and fairs and 44 ‘other’ events.

E.coli and bacteria of faecal origin has been found in burger vans at festival and sport events burger vans Credit: PA

8% of food samples were of an unsatisfactory quality with a further 1% containing potentially hazardous levels of bacteria.

Water samples tested revealed that 27% contained unacceptable levels of coliform bacteria which can be found in the environment in soil, water and on plants and may also be a sign of faecal contamination.

E.coli and/or enterococci bacteria (of faecal origin) were found in 8%.