Syrian rebels vow to fight until the end in Homs

Rebel fighters from inside the al-Khaladiya neighbourhood of besieged Homs have denied reports that they are preparing to desert the city.

The most recent push by regime forces and militias loyal to the Syrian government to take back Homs has seen shelling and bombardments last 14 days non-stop.

Damaged buildings on a deserted street in the besieged area of Homs

Fighter Abu al Feda told ITV news they are not prepared to sacrifice Homs:

"This recent siege can only be described as hysterical and mad, there are so many rockets raining down that sometimes we hear them banging into each other as they fall down.

"We have had to move around 800 families to another neighbourhood to keep them safe.

"Men here will fight until the end even with a basic and limited supply of ammo and weapons.

"The situation is desperate now but we won't leave Homs to fall into the hands of a murderous regime while we are still breathing."