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Osborne's budget surplus pledge

The Chancellor has raised the possibility of tax cuts by vowing to keep cutting public spending to create a budget surplus in the next parliament. He also announced the long-term unemployed face earning their benefits through unpaid community work.

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Osborne: There is no something for nothing any more

Chancellor George Osborne said there is "no something for nothing any more" when it comes to the long-term unemployed.

Mr Osborne told Daybreak: "What we're saying is people are going to have to do something in return for those benefits.

Chancellor George Osborne on Daybreak. Credit: ITV/Daybreak

"There is no option of doing nothing for your benefits, no something for nothing any more. People are going to have to do things to get their dole.

"This is all activity that is going to help them get ready for the real world of work."

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