HMS Dauntless to head to the Falklands

One of the Royal Navy's newest and most powerful warships is to set sail for the Falkland Islands a day before the 30th anniversary of the British task force setting sail for war.

HMS Dauntless, the second of the Navy's hi-tech Type 45 air defence destroyers, will leave its home port of Portsmouth Naval Base on Wednesday.

HMS Dauntless will set sail for the Falklands on Wednesday.

This will evoke memories of the first ships of the task group, including the aircraft carriers HMS Hermes and Invincible, sailing from the Hampshire port on April 5 1982.

Argentina has complained to the UN of the UK's "militarisation" of the South Atlantic following the announcement of the deployment of Dauntless.

The MoD has said that it is a routine mission with Dauntless taking over the patrols of Plymouth-based frigate HMS Montrose.