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Some asylum seekers in housing 'to which they are not entitled'

Some asylum seekers who claimed to be without a penny were found with "indications of prosperity", when they were being housed in publicly-funded accommodation, according to a Government report.

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Some refugees taking homes 'from those more in need'

Some asylum seekers are "occupying" publicly-funded housing when "it was clear" they had the means to support themselves, a watchdog has found.

An investigation into housing given to asylum seekers by the National Audit Office said:

During the fieldwork for our investigation, we visited a sample of properties used to house asylum seekers.

In some of these, it was clear that the occupants may have a level of income above that expected of someone receiving the minimum level of support under section four or section 95 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999.

There is a risk that individuals or families may be occupying properties to which they are not entitled, thus taking resources away from those more in need.

– National Audit Office report

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